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Welcome to Readers Paradiso Writers Link Page. This is where writers get to advertise thier links for a wider publicity of thier work. On this link, everyone is welcome to advertise thier website, blogs and or other creative activities and get to tell the readers and writers community about themselves and about thier work. So,regardless of whether you are a published author or not, as long as you have something in a tangible written form to share with the readers, writers and the general public alike, you are welcome to come tell us about yourself. I hope you all have fun.

Pamela R. Winnick

August 15, 2011 Posted by Pamela R. Winnick


Gender: Female Occupation: Author fiction, formerly non-fiction (widely published) Location: Pittsburgh : PA : United States About Me Former lawyer, former reporter at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, now a novelist. A graduate of Columbia University's schools of law and journalism, I have written also for national publications, such as the Wall Street Journal. Awards include one from the Overseas Press Club.

A J Ensor

August 15, 2011 Posted by A J Ensor


A.J. Ensor is a graduate of Southern Illinois University with a BA in Broadcast Media and Public Administration and a Masters in Mass Communications and Media Arts. He began his professional career in broadcasting in 1991, and has been nominated for seventeen major media awards and has won six national and international awards for broadcast excellence including one Emmy and a Golden Philo from ITVA.

Eleanor Herzog

August 17, 2011 Posted by Eleanor Herzog


Alongside other projects, Eleanor Herzog attempts the odd bit of writing. Having spent the last three years in Asia, her current projects are mostly focused upon Asian cultural documentation and she is particularly interested in endeavours that promote development and sustainability in their approach. Her assignments include television writing and production, travel writing, features, reviews, short stories and photography. Her work takes her all over the world as she prioritises meeting and creating strong relations with the people she is writing about.

Sandra McLeod Humphrey

August 16, 2011 Posted by Sandra McLeod Humphrey


Sandra McLeod Humphrey is a retired clinical psychologist with over 35 years experience working with young people. She is a writer and consultant for the Heroes & Dreams Foundation which provides character education materials to schools K-8 throughout the United States and Canada and the recipient of the National Character Education Center's Award for "Exemplary Leadership in Ethics Education" (2000). She was also "Author of the Month" for MyShelf.com 12/03 and the recipient of the Helen Keating Ott Award for Outstanding Contribution to Children's Literature (7/05)


Rebecka Vigus

August 17, 2011 Posted by Rebecka Vigus


Retired from teaching. Love it, now have time to pursue a dream. Have been writing since I was a teen. My first book was published in 1978. I continued to write and study anything I could get my hands on about writing. My first book Only a Start and Beyond was a labor of love. It combined the first book I wrote Only a Start with the book Beyond. It is a compilation of poetry and song lyrics that I started writing as a teen. It debuted in October of 2004. It was followed quickly by a self-help chap book titled So You Think You Want to be a Mommy? in June, 2005.