Silvia Dowd (pen name) Silvia Hallmark

Snowbound in the Mountains My Home town Silvia Hallmark


I live in the Texas Panhandle with my Pug Baby. I write fiction suspense/thrillers and have several to publish in the near future. My writing talent was discovered at the age of 12 by my English teacher and has been growing since then. I am fascinated with words and how you can tell stories with them. I am either reading more about writing, a suspense book by my favorite author, or writing on one of my own books. I enjoy nature, long walks, animals, writing, and computers.


I have a loving family who supports me in my writing and have been there to answer loads of questions for me along the way. I have one son who lives in Tulsa Oklahoma who has co-written one of my novels and has had a lot of input in some others. He does a lot of my research for me when I need extra help and is always there to answer questions. I feel truly blessed with the gift God has given me and for my loving family. My Pen name is Silvia Hallmark although I wrote Snowbound in the Mountains under a different name. I won't be using that name again. It just didn't fit and was too long.