The girl with dragon tatoo

Sunday evening I spend with my friend in the cinema, we watched “The girl with the Dragon tatoo’. I found that there are some versions with the same title, I saw David Fincher’s version and I like it. I should notice the the detective story and the investigation were interesting. I like quests.
Best of all I like Rooney Mara, her work is great, she was so excellent and natural Lisbeth Salander, I felt her personality so deep…
Sometimes I feel some spirit similar to Lisbeth Salander when smth drive me wild, I can imagine what she felt punishing those social worker and what she felt looking on Mickael with his woman in the end of the movey…

I proved on my own experience and saw in this movey again, that woman should never bow and scape before a man, who is weaker than she.
He could be intelligent, honest, he could be not a bad human at all, but if he’s weaker than you – leave him bec he would never value you as you deserve it.
Before this evening I couldn’t define what it means “weaker”.
Now I can say, if man’s strength of will is lower and weaker than yours – leave him first before he leaves you. We always feel who is weaker or stronger than you, it’s smth from animal instincts I guess, your intuition always know the truth even if your mind doesn’t want to accept it and trying to stay in illusions.
A weak man would never stay with a woman, whose strength of will is stronger, he would never feel himself a “real” man with her, even when she makes a favour and wouldn’t show her strength so much, he fells it with his body, with essence. And in the end he’ll defeated her in the worst and hardest way (he will do it without purpose, subconsciously, bec it could be only one leader and a gender doesn’t matter)
It’s something “under” mind.
…But the trick is that he would be always attracted with such strength…

What is “killing” us? We allow to defeat us thinking or dreaming that it’s true love.

For sure, you can act a weak creature the whole life trying to keep your man beside you (for some reasons or benefits), some people call such woman wise…may be , as for me now- I PREFER TO BE ALONE AND INDEPENDENT AND I would stay myself as I am.

I have an example which made me very angry few days ago . The wife of my ex-boss, she still jealous about me, even after my boss changed his work, deleted me from friends in local social network…she hears my name and she’s so scared to loose control…to loose him…she’s a teacher in university, in my country they are not high-paid, she’s afraid to loose the source of money, to loose husband, to loose status…(He’s very professional and well-paid, they both from provinces, but working here, a year ago he bought a big new flat for her and their children and now he makes everything for his family)

…. the fact is that I have never looked on her husband like on a man or sexual partner….
But few days ago I found again that she checked my page in our Russian social site, first time I wanted to come to her page to make her angry more, I was so angry and tired with her sillyness and I felt so much satisfaction imagining how she rwould eact on it. But than I decided to leave it all.
I decided to be not so stupid like she. I despise her and don’t want even hear her name. Stupid caw.

The funnies thing that her husband still keep in touch with me in icq, we talk about work or just share some jockes from time to time, and usually he’s the initiator of our talkings.

As I told many times my ex-soulmate and even lastest passion: I wouldn’t act for you to keep you beside even if you earn lots of money, bec I don’t need you for money, I earn enough for myself.
I wouldn’t act, bow and scape for social status which you can give me if you marry me. I don’t care about it.
I don’t need your sex so much as you think, even if you’re fucking like a stitching machine Zinger. I can realize and satisfy my needs even without you.
So what I need from you?- free will, responsibility for your deeds, trust and deliberate reliable relations.

The mistake of Lisbeth – she thought about Mickael better than he was. He was smart, good specialist, honest journalist, not bad human at all, but weak man, he had comfortable warm relations, with a married woman, who was more convenient and habital. (We all are prisoners of habbits more or less.) And it was predictable that he wouldn’t understand what he lost when he continued to live his habbital life and keep his “triangle” relations., he knew her husband,those man was at his nouse, they were friends…dirty and stupid…

When we walked home with my friend, she suddenly said: “If smb ask me what about this movey, I don’t know what to say”

I said :” About sex and money, as usual.” and added in my mind : “and about love”