Sex addiction real or fallacy?

Millions of people around the globe are fighting some sort of addiction, be it from drugs, gambling, smoking, television, alcohol, video and computers games just to mentions a few. There are other weird forms of addiction but nothing tops my list of gibberish addictions like ‘sex addiction’. If I had millions of pounds (in money) to spent were tied to a relationship which meant not reaping the fruits of my hard earned money, I wouldn’t blame it on the sunshine or the moonlight, no! Why on earth would I want to do that?

For those of you out there thinking ‘I know where this is going, you are going to blame it on the boogie aren’t you? Well not exactly that was the lyric from Michael Jackson’s song; I think I can come up with a better excuse thank you very much! And no I am not blaming on the alcohol either, that’s an even stupid excuse, ‘how about I blame it on ‘sex addiction’ instead?’ that’s right! ‘You heard me right’, ‘am a sex addict’ oh wait a minute! Unless for the fact that I am not a celebrity and therefore would not be able to afford to check myself in for a sex rehabilitation program, oh burp!

What really is sex addiction? Who can get it? And how can you tell if you have it, or in other words what are those signs to look out for? A friend of mine, (to be known only as A) got caught cheating with his wife’s best mate (to be known as C) on their matrimonial bed; (now this is a true life story people) he was lucky his wife wasn’t the ‘kicking out type’. This story I am about to share with you is one that has re-instated my faith in the saying about ‘what is going to be, shall be’ (even though I still don’t believe in it, entirely, and you are going to find that out why as well).

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