Welcome to Readers Paradiso Book Sypnosis


Welcome to Readers Paradiso Sypnosis.

This is where you get to read about a collection of books from seasoned writers in and around the world and around the writing community at large. On here, you get to get up close and personal with the writers and their amazing journeys throughout the course of their work both past and current.


Leamon E. Scott

A seed for Cora Lee Written by Leamon E. Scott


Cora Lee and Leon Baptiste have serious plans to make their small, out-of-the way bayou cabin a real home. On a humid and stormy, wet Louisiana morning, they have completedmaking love following Cora Lee’s recurrent nightmare that someone is taking her baby. The pretty Cora Lee has had two miscarriages yet, she desperatelywants a child to complete their family.

Raphael Ryan

The Davis Duus Written by Raphael Ryan


The Davis Duus are a family of little creatures who live within the walls of a football stadium. Alice Davis Duus tries to keep a tidy home, while Herman Davis Duus forages for food around the stadium after matches and in the city beyond. Their children, Alexandra, Yolanda and Robert play and have adventures in various parts of the stadium. But they all encounter threats and dangers from creatures like the Gorgon Zola, the Tannen Bourg and the Mantula, not to mention the constant threat of being discovered by the humans. Their lives are a continuous struggle to survive and develop their own little world in testing circumstances.

A J Ensor

Luke Carter and the sword of kings Written by A J Ensor


Read the sypnosis on his book the 'Luke carter and the sword of kings'

Gary Towner

Pestilence Written by Gary Towner


An Army Colonel, under orders to vacate an underground Bio-Chem research bunker at the close of World War II, illegally buries toxic waste in an isolated Keyly, Kansas farmer’s field. He moves to cover his tracks with the murder of his own troops who threatens to expose him. Forty-five years later, a brown odorous slime saturates a farmer’s storage bin filled to the brim with crops grown from a new experimental seed that has merged with the waste.'

Akinyi Princess

Bound to tradition Written by Akinyi Princess


Bound To Traditions is a contemporary literary novel, ca. 170,000 words in length, exploring the vagaries of gender attraction, the interpretations of cultural diverseness, the resolve and conviction that propels the post-independent African generations to elevate modernity above the traditional mores and lifestyle.


Silvia Hallmark

My home town Written by Silvia Hallmark


Sam Carlisle is lost as he is released from prison. The only thing he has planned is to get to his sisters house for the reading of his grandmothers will.