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Pestilence Written by Gary Towner


Agriculturist Ronald Huntly retires from the Army and relocates to Keyly after attending his mother’s funeral there. Along the way, he meets a beautiful lady in a Florida bar who says she is fascinated by the color green. Upon arriving in Keyly, Huntly and the local residents soon learn the contaminated crops have caused hoards of grasshoppers to mutate into carnivorous locusts. The townsfolk ask the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for help. But the troops are under orders to exterminate more than just insects.


Long before the townsfolk become aware of the mutant threat, Huntly—in mind numbing pain—has run away after an initial mutant swarm attack he barely survived. After treatment at Walter Reed, he now returns to Keyly with a little help from his pretty nurse, Roxanne who he thinks he loves. He was once smitten with the Keyly mayor’s daughter, Sandy, and he vows to at least try to warn her and the very people who resent him as an outsider. But at first no one will listen. Not even Sandy.


After the townsfolk are forced to engage in a fierce battle with the ravenous mutants and the deviate Army troops, Reverend Pox is horrified by the carnage inside and outside his church. Huntly acts on a plan to exterminate the scourge far below. Huntly has to succeed without the blessings of the locals that initially hated him, without the compassion of the women he thought he loved, and despite the awesome might of the U.S. Government.