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The Dead still walk juju

The dead still walk Written by Gary Towner


Johnny Walker is recruited by the C.I.A. right after college. Trained as a ruthless assassin, his work is horrific and he walks away after completing an especially draining hit. He changes his name in an attempt to build a new life. Frank Thomas, A.K.A. Johnny Walker, has reoccurring dreams that threaten to drive him mad. In his dream, Charlie Lopex, the friend he killed as part of his last assignment for the “Company,” has come back to taunt him. But, an act of heroism plunges him into the spotlight, blowing his cover.


When Walker’s wife finally leaves him, unable to endure his nightmare screams every night, he agrees to seek therapy. But he withdraws fearing the consequences should his true identity come to light; and he doubles his efforts to fade into obscurity. Adding to his troubles, there is an open contract out on him. He vividly recalls and fears the abrasive C.I.A. head of operations, Carl Rhiner, who considers him a walking time bomb. Rhiner has informed his people he wants Walker back under his control—or buried alive. He says he does not care very much which. But, he has underestimated Walker’s resolve to leave his past buried deeper than his friend’s unmarked grave.


One day Walker learns a violent Guatemalan rebel, Refel, just might be Charlie; maybe he didn’t die after all. CIA agent Summers tells him that the agency has received coded reports from field operatives in Guatemala that tend to prove it. Walker can not deny Summers has brought arguable proof. Rhiner, a proverbial desk jockey, has never seen Charlie—whose personnel files have mysteriously disappeared. Summers tells Walker that Rhiner wants him to return to Langley for a debriefing, then she is to accompany him where together they can finish once and for all Walker’s last assignment; Charlie must die.


Later, Charlie abducts Summers and he challenges Walker to a death match atop the Pyramid ruins of his nightmares, the Mayan temple at Kukulcán. There Summers squirms rope bound between two pillars. At the peak of their fight, Charlie puts Walker into a hypnotic trance. A sudden noise awakes Walker and two shots ring out. But it is not Walker that disappears into the mist and rolls down the stone steps—it is Charlie. Afterwards, WALKER is given an offer to work for Interpol International in far off Africa. He accepts on the proviso he will never be ordered to kill again. He flies to Africa with a zest for a new life literally filled with adventure.