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Welcome to Readers Paradiso Writers Link Page. This is where writers get to advertise thier links for a wider publicity of thier work. On this link, everyone is welcome to advertise thier website, blogs and or other creative activities and get to tell the readers and writers community about themselves and about thier work. So,regardless of whether you are a published author or not, as long as you have something in a tangible written form to share with the readers, writers and the general public alike, you are welcome to come tell us about yourself. I hope you all have fun.


Jane Buttery

August 18, 2011 Posted by Jane Buttery


Jane Buttery is a retired teacher, she love to go into classrooms to talk about how books are made and how students can be inspired to write. As an adult, I enjoy meeting people who are interested in writing their own life stories. I am glad of the opportunity to help them. My desire to help others has led me to being actively involved in my own church and as a volunteer for The Hospice of Windsor. My books reflect my interests in my community.