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Welcome to Readers Paradiso Blog. This is a journey into captivating articles.†I hate to tell you this but†I am legally obliged to warn you about the dangers of the addictive nature of this space. Nah! am playing, but seriously though its going to worth your time. it is going to be very addictive and the best part is you can join in the conversation and help get it out of your system. Please donít forget to register here on my forum to join in the discussion. I hope you all have fun.

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Music is big, it is a lucrative industry, matter of fact one of the most lucrative industries in the world today. Music is one language that is universally spoken the world over, it that has no borders, no passport control, no race, no colour. It hasnít got a religion either. Even God loves music, the angels love it, and even the devil has his own favourite band..