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Welcome to Readers Paradiso Writers Link Page. This is where writers get to advertise thier links for a wider publicity of thier work. On this link, everyone is welcome to advertise thier website, blogs and or other creative activities and get to tell the readers and writers community about themselves and about thier work. So,regardless of whether you are a published author or not, as long as you have something in a tangible written form to share with the readers, writers and the general public alike, you are welcome to come tell us about yourself. I hope you all have fun.

S.L Dearing

September 05, 2011 Posted by S.L Dearing


S. L. Dearing was raised in California and grew up in Arizona. She (Shannon) attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, then spent several years studying at Los Angeles City College’s renowned Television/ Film program. She has worked on several film projects in many capacities. She currently works in an administrative capacity in Pasadena and is a book reviewer for the Big Blend Magazine and Champagne Sunday’s radio show. Shannon has been writing since grade school. Over the years she has written several screenplays, poems and short stories. The Gathering is her first novel. Shannon currently lives with her husband, David, in the No Ho Arts District of the San Fernando Valley of Southern California.

Gary Towner

05 September 2011 Posted by Gary Towner


Starting with a 1980 creative writing class at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, I have felt the need to write adventure novels. Toward that end I have studied under mentors John Tigges, Carolyn Banks, and many others.

Neal James

September 05, 2011 Posted by Neal James


My name is Neal James, and I began writing in 2007 when a series of short stories found favour on a number of international writing sites. Since then, I have released two novels and an anthology of short stories. ‘Threads of Deceit’, my fourth production in as many years, draws on the eighteen years I spent working within the textile industry. As an accountant for over three decades, I have been able to that on his background to provide me with an insight into much of the substance required in the creation of my writing to date. I live in the East Midlands with my wife and family. .