Introducing Author: Dr. Saida A. M. Seddik @professorsaida

Dr. Saida A. M. Seddik

Dr. Saida A. M. Seddik Independent Researcher In the Art history especially in Western Renaissance Art, Islamic Philosophy, and theology. PhD 2005 “Linear Perspective Scientific and Aesthetic Concept” History of Philosophy, Art, and History of Science.

Interest: Philosophy, socio-politics, modernity, futurism, Master 1998 Islamic Philosophy during Golden Ages, Theology, and Islamic institution during 12th. Lectures “Averroes and Logos” University Mohamed IbnAbdullah Fez/ Morocco: 1990 “Women’ contribution in the prophet Mohamed’s life”. Mohammedia / Morocco 2000.

“Minister Institution in the Islamic scholar Al-Mawardii”. University Mohamed V, Rabat, Morocco.1998 FARABI “Al-madinah Alfadela” “The Utopia City” 1996. 1996-1998: Student visitor, department of philosophy, Islamic philosophy, University Mohamed V, Rabat, Morocco. Art critic 1990 Creative artist since her young age.

She went for painting classes from 1986-1990. She learned pastel, water, and acrylic technics. 1986: Her first artwork was done, where she expressed the turbulence feeling of the existence around her. 1988: collective exhibition supporting women’s rights. Fez/ Morocco. 1992: collective exhibition in occasion of ArabPoets Meeting. Fez/Morocco. 1996: collective exhibition, French Cultural Center. Tangier/Morocco. 1999: collective exhibition, Summer Camp, Casablanca/Morocco.

She is an activist that stands for human rights, minority rights, woman and kids rights. Author: Non-fiction and fiction writer since 1990. Publication in English: “To argue logically or with Heart: Mind and Belief.”(Amazon/KDP) 2016 Religion, Sciences, Philosophy: Mind and Beliefs (Amazon/KDP) 2016. Beyond the Ocean Love till Death (KDP) 2016 Renaissance Painting: Scientific and Aesthetic Concept (Amazon/KDP) 2016. Linear Perspective in Italian Renaissance Painting (Amazon/KDP) 2016. Hobbies:

She likes travel, she visited many European countries: Spain, France, Belgium, Holland where she visited art museums and met many artists and authors. She lives in U.S.A with her family since 2003 where she has the opportunity to do her academic researches.

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