Introducing Author: Peter Klessa Ramazani @RealBotschafter

Author: Peter Klessa Ramazani
Twitter: @RealBotschafter
Book(s): Blood Red Palm & many others

Bio (English)

Peter Klessa Ramazani was born on July 18, 1950, in Neuss am Rhein, Germany.

He finished training as a machinist. During the early 70s, he worked for 8 years in the German Air Force and, among others, worked as a Loadmaster with the Special Air Mission Wing of the Federal Ministry of Defense in Cologne-Wahn.

The author has lived in Denmark for 37 years, where he worked for some time in the holiday home industry. He was also trained as a massage therapist in Copenhagen.

In the 70s, the author visited North Africa several times, where he studied the Arab culture and the Arabic language.

Peter Klessa Ramazani has published several e-books and paperbacks on reflexology therapy, partner massage and holiday destinations in Denmark and Italy.

He lived in Florence, Italy in recent years in order to take photos for his e-book series “My impressions of Italy”. 

Bio (German)

Hallo, ich bin Peter Klessa Ramazani. Ich bin im Juli 1950 im Reinland geboren. 

In den 90er Jahren wurde ich in Dänemark zum Masseur ausgebildet.

In Kopenhagen war ich u.a. mehrere Jahre in einer Klinik und in einem Kurbad tätig.

Bio (Italian)

Ciao, sono Peter Klessa Ramazani, nato in Germania 1950.

Mi sono formato in Danimarca come massaggiatore. A Copenhagen ho lavorato tra l’altro per diversi anni in una clinica e in una spa.

Bio (French)

Salut, je suis Peter Klessa Ramazani. Je ai eu une formation de massothérapeute au Danemark.

À Copenhague, je ai travaillé pendant plusieurs années dans une clinique et d’un spa.

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