Introducing Author: Richard Smith @RichardSmithTT

Richard Smith’s motto is: Never give up; it can happen. And his first book, Time Trap, is proof of that.

Born in London, the youngest of three children, Richard has loved writing stories since he was nine; and regularly got top marks for his essays at school – where his favourite subject was English.

After leaving school, he worked in a succession of dead-end jobs. None brought him as much satisfaction as writing – which he kept up, with his mother’s constant encouragement. 

Richard credits her father, a taxi driver, who enjoyed writing as a hobby, for his talent with words. 

Researching and writing Time Trap took many years of hard work – which Richard describes as a labour of love. One of his proudest moments came when he returned to his junior school to read extracts of the story to 9-year-old pupils, who loved it.

He polished up the MS, self-published in 2012, and created the Time Trap Trail for young readers to follow and see the locations featured in the book, and convinced both the British Museum and the Museum of. childhood to stock the book. 

He is pleased to reveal his new book, The Darziods’ Stone, which took seven years to complete and aimed at a teenage readership, is now available.

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