How to Avoid Terrorism by Peter Klessa Ramazani @RealBotschafter

Peter Klessa Ramazani

Twitter: @RealBotschafter

Some people might ask: ”Is this book really necessary?” Well if you see the statistics, you have the answer.

Statistics from 2012 – 2017


More than 13.000 Attacks

Over 23.000 civilian fatalities


More than 18.000 Attacks

Over 39.000 civilian fatalities


More than 20.000 Attacks

Over 48.000 civilian fatalities


More than 18.000 Attacks

Over 29.000 civilian fatalities


More than 24.000 Attacks

Over 27.000 civilian fatalities


More than 22.000 Attacks

Over 18.000 civilian fatalities

That is a total of 115000 acts of terrorism in only 6 years. The news would not be able to provide information about all these attacks.” The Author

Book recommendation from the Director at Chamber of Inter Commerce at Royal Academy of the United Nations, His Excellency Jerry Pradier Baron of Toula:
“I have carefully read your book and found it to be timely, comprehensive and sensitive in the way it approached very delicate subjects. This book is sure to help others in a variety of situations whether they travel to dangerous locations or not. Having worked in the field of security, I try to stay aware of new and proven methods of self-protection and I would recommend your book to others.”

A Personal Message from the Writer

I was born in 1950 in Germany. In the 1970s I worked for several years in the German Air Force and, among others, with the Special Air Mission Wing of the Federal Ministry of Defense in Bonn. 

At that time, I had the highest security clearance. The 1970s were also very influenced by terrorist activity, caused by the PLO, RAF and Brigate Rosse.

In 2017/18 I had the honor to be Global Goodwill Ambassador of Public Security & Peace for the FAAVM The Federal Association for the Advancement of Visible Minorities (FAAVM) representing over five (5) million Canadians.  

With all my experiences on VIP security, I can give you the best tips on how to avoid an increased risk of terrorist attacks. I’m sure this book can save lives.

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