Murder at Meaux by Cassandra Clark @Nunsleuth

Murder at Meaux: The latest book in the Hildegard of Meaux medieval mystery series 

Murder at Meaux
Cassandra Clark

Twitter: @Nunsleuth


It’s midnight when Hildegard disembarks at Ravenser on the last leg of the journey home to Meaux. 

With Abbot de Courcy and two monks militant, she has left Avignon, Salisbury and Netley Abbey behind but before the group reach Meaux they are met by six hooded monks in the darkening fog. 

They are bearing a coffiin to an unconsecrated grave.  The Abbot is shockedd to learn that the corpse was found in the locked scriptorium at Meaux. 

As soon as he lifts the coffin-lid he turns white and orders the cortege to return to the abbey at once.  Next morning Hildegard too has a shock when she learns that her childhood sweetheart is to hang for murder…

This is ninth in the Hildegard series of whodunnits.

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