Two Faced by Robin Carroll @rmcauthor


Dr. Robert Melendez is a gifted plastic surgeon that can transform lives with the power of a scalpel. Known as the miracle worker, he starts working with criminals, providing them new faces.

But he soon allows ego and greed to overshadow his talent by blackmailing these same criminals, threatening to reveal their true identities if he isn’t paid additional money for his services.

Robert’s plan flourishes until he ends up dead, found beside the corpse of a woman believed to be his wife, Melissa “Missy” Melendez. Upon further investigation, however, it is revealed that the wrong woman has been executed.

Once the mistake is discovered, the murderer sets his sights on Missy, determined to finish the job. Thanks to her psychic abilities, Missy feels her hunter’s rage and realizes that she was the intended victim.

Paralyzed by fear, she’s unsure who to trust since the killer could be any of Robert’s former patients hiding behind their new human mask. Now, Missy must fight to stay alive as she grapples with the “gift” that connects her to Robert’s murderer.

She has to prove her innocence in a double homicide, all while fighting her feelings for the detective who could possibly destroy her.

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